experiencing the benefits of biodiversity for people in wheelchairs and for the blind

“Biodiversity is a fundamental principle for the functioning of the natural world, but it is also a metaphor for thriving, livable communities. Biodiversity and the importance of each species in the larger whole is similar to diversity in our communities, where every person is important and contributes to the whole. On a larger scale, the world is richer because of diverse cultures, languages, abilities, and ideas.”

-Marc Companion, Orientation & Mobility Training Specialist for White Cane Travel

Sensory Garden
Sensory Garden

We are planning a garden of indigenous plants accessible to people in wheelchairs and with visual challenges near the Grace Vision Campus to be built on the road to Mabuda Farm. All will be welcome to exercise more of their senses, such as enjoying the soft leaves and lovely scent of crushed flowers of wild malva, or the tangy taste of the vitamin C-laden Elephant Bush.

Accessible camp site
Accessible Campsite & Housing

At Mabuda Guest Farm, Campsite #1 is more accessible with its concrete pad and central location to Reception and the Green Shed. Chalets are the most accessible for visually impaired persons. Call Mabuda Farm to discuss your needs.

Bird Hide at Mkhulu Dam
Accessible Trails & Bird Hide

A short walk down a wide slope takes you to a Bird Hide next to Mkulu Dam where you can enjoy the sounds or sights of birdlife. The bird hide has room for a wheelchair and is accessible by car. Need help experiencing the trails of Muti Muti? Call Mabuda Farm to set up guide services.

Individual Riding a Horse
Horse Back Riding

For some, horseback riding may be a way to enjoy the trails at Muti Muti. For others, interacting with a horse may be therapy. Call Mabuda Farm to discuss and arrange an excursion.