Support Muti muti

Muti Muti Conservancy needs your support

We have great plans to protect this special area, but we need your help! If you are interested in contributing in any of these ways, inquire at the Green Shed Coffee Shop at Mabuda Guest Farm.

Plant a Tree in the Coffee Plantation

Enjoy your great cup of coffee guilt free at the Green Shed knowing that you are protecting the environment by planting the native paperbark thorn (shown here) or the flat-crown albizia. Additionally, some say shade grown coffee is even more delicious since shade it is slower to ripen, providing a more complex taste. (Photo by Duncan McKenzie).

Purchase a Conservation Pass

We offer day, month or annual conservation passes for Muti Muti Conservancy. Inquire at Green Shed at Mabuda Guest House.

Plant and Plant Pot Sales

These beautiful plant pots are made from traditional Swazi fabric called shweshwe. They are sewn by a local women's group called Sukumani and are available at the Green Shed at Mabuda Farm. Native plant sales to benefit Muti Muti Conservancy are coming soon!
Donate through Medical Missions Eswatini

Donations for Muti Muti Conservancy can be made through Medical Missions of Eswatini by clicking on the title of the box. Please indicate in the comments that the donation should go toward supporting Muti Muti Conservancy.