Who Are we?

Our Vision

The Vision of Muti Muti Conservancy is the long-term conservation of the ecosystems of the Lubombo region of Eswatini, and more specifically the Muti Muti vicinity, through a process of cooperative nature conservation management. We promote the development of conservation-based opportunities which create benefits and contribute to improvement of the quality of life of all the people in the region.


  • Promote the cooperative management of the ecosystem & ecosystem processes of the Eastern Lubombo region of Ewsatini.
  • Re-establish species which formerly occurred in the area, and restore damaged or degraded areas.
  • Promote the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Promote appropriate development & management of nature-based tourism.
  • Contribute to development of employment and conservation-based community development opportunities.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of local communities.
  • Promote the incorporation of Swazi heritage, folklore and customs into conservation and tourism activities.
  • Promote transfrontier cooperation for conservation and development with adjacent areas in Mozambique.
  • Provide better general security in the protected area and surrounds.
  • Build support for conservation of local habitats through community outreach and environmental education.
  • Maintain or improve habitat quality and quantity within the Conservancy to increase resiliency, redundancy, and representation for wildlife and plant species and assemblages.
  • Host and support research that addresses conservation and biodiversity.
Map of the Lubombo Biosphere Reserve
Map of the 294,020 hectare Lubombo Biosphere Reserve in Eswatini, Mozambique and South Africa with Muti Muti Conservancy highlighted.
Map of Muti Muti Lands

Muti Muti Conservancy

Muti Muti Conservancy is a collaboration of six private landowners with adjacent Swazi Nation Lands and Royal Trust Lands also committed to conservation. There is also a potential corridor to link Muti Muti Conservancy with Jilobi Forest.

At the latest Annual General Meeting, Board members were voted in to office:

  • President: Dr. Jonathan Pons
  • Vice Chairman: Mr. Trevor Carmichael
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Helen Pons
  • Secretary: Mr. Rod de Vleter